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New Website

Please head over to PetiteTuques.com for my new website!


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You may now head over to Petitetuques.com where you will find all the posts transferred over.

Thank you for cheering me on!

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I don’t remember who put the first needles in my hands, but it was definitely a mix of my mother with knitting and crocheting with my grandmother.  My first ever project was making granny squares with my grandmother, which we were going to crochet together onto a pillow.

Skip many years, because when you are 8 years old, nobody related to my new hobby.

It was really when I became pregnant that I felt a need to knit. At the time I had one book, and one pair of needles.  I had to relearn everything from the beginning again, and so with my resource book I was able to get the basics. But I found that I was having trouble with doing purl stitches. So I started bringing in my practice swatch to work with me, because there was a girl who was a fabulous knitter, and she was able to show me my mistake.  What is it, you ask? Forgetting to bring my yarn over to the front.  I was doing some sort of ribbing, and when I doing my purls, I had extra yarn hanging around.

After I learned that, it was smooth sailing. I bought some more books, because I didn’t know anything about free patterns, but the books all had nice instructions and glossary’s.  My first book was a crochet pattern book, and that’s when I made my first sweater! I was very ambitious! It was not perfect, but I was very proud. Here’s a pic of it with my first baby!

My work progressed from then on.  Most of my projects were gifts for friends who had babies, and what really turned the tide was a hat and mitten set I made for a brother and sister. It was then that I realised I had something. I amazed their mother, and feeling I got is what inspired me. I wanted to feel like that again.

I started going to craft sales and then opened up shop at iCraft and Etsy. It has been a wild couple of years, but I wouldn’t trade it. The more I’m in it, the more I keep growing.

I’ve had some big accomplishments along the way- my hats have been featured twice on TV!

http://youtube.com/watch?v=0oTbDlmgbVU Features my Christmas hat

http://youtu.be/V10nRa6MiLk   Features my Cable Toques

A big thanks to Brigitte and Erica for getting that to happen! Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, I sure wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t!

What inspired you to be creative entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments!

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This past weekend I took off with my family and visited the Nation’s Capital : Ottawa. It was pretty much planned the day before we left, but there were reasons that I won’t get into… so anyway, we got a package deal of two museum visits. We chose the Science and Technology, and Agricultural Museums.

Now, at the back of my mind I was thinking about what am I going to do with my emails and facebook and artrepreneur and my blog and … you get the point. My husband didn’t want to bring my laptop and he points out that going on vacation is to get away from all that, right?

Yes, and we did bring his little laptop, for all the kid movies that we have. What helped even more with my unplugging was that the hotel charged for an internet connection. Sorry, but facebook is not that important.

It felt really good to get away from my computer- but I also felt bad because I did have a schedule of blog posts that I had to postpone- so we stopped at a cafe so that I could make an update. 

After every unplugging, I get a surge of new ideas, and little more clarity. I recently had a period of not knowing what I was doing any more, because there is so much that I want to do, and I was researching it all at once. Now I realize that for me, the best thing thing I can do for myself and my business is to take the weekend off – close my computer, read my favorite books, play with the kids, eat lots of Popsicles, write down my goals, personal and professional.

Here’s what I need to do more:

1) Write in a journal. I have been writing in a journal since I was 8 years old, and I find that writing to myself is very liberating and insightful. I’ve also read that keeping a creative business journal is another way to keep track of goals. I have a notebook that was made in the likeness to Twilight, and I have started to mark down ideas for my blog.

2) Make more time for family. Afterall, having a home based business was to complement my life, not take it over.

3) Brain storm for new products and make a plan for my upcoming craft sale.

Since today is Monday, this posts comes in right on time. My new goal, that I’m setting right now, is to unplug every weekend, at least one day, and I’ll write up my experience on Monday.

I challenge you too, to unplug. Let me know your experiences, and if it has helped you personally or professionally.

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I’m excited to be here, but also not ready to fully use this blog. Sad, I know. But just take a look around- I don’t know what I am doing!

Please bare with me, the more I use it, the more I will get used  to it!

I will repost my posts from Blogger to here, to keep you all updated. Sounds good?

See ya later ~~ Lisa

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