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Saying Good-Bye

Before you get all nervous and start yelling at your PC, I am not saying goodbye.

Today my husband’s family said goodbye to Edith, a grandmother, mother, who lived a long life, but ended in the throws of pain and sadness. She had been hooked up to Morphine and she also had Alzheimer’s and I am uncertain what she knew at the end. I only met her once, just after ( I think) I got married. She didn’t recognize my husband.

Yesterday we took the boys with us to see the viewing, since I was unable to go to the funeral today. I was a little nervous that my 4 year would get scared by seeing someone he didn’t know in a casket, so I explained a little why were going- that Daddy’s- Daddy’s- Mommy died.
He wonders why we die, and where do we go? I explained that we get old and when it’s our turn to go, we die, but our spirit moves on. { We go into Space? } he asks. It’s funny, but I do tell him that we go live on a different planet. He likes that answer. {When you get old you will die and become a ghost and live on another planet? } Yes, and then we’ll all be together again. He’s sensitive to the fact that his dad and I will leave him, but reassuring him that we’ll see him again puts a smile on his face and he says { ok mommy}.

I can’t help thinking about when my grandparents died. I was 15 when my grandmother died, and it didn’t affect me the same way that finding out that my grandfather died. I saw my grandmother getting sick, I even saw her a couple days before her death, in the hospital. I did not know that when I was getting married and preparing my wedding photos to send to my grandfather, that he had fallen ill and had passed. The best day of my life- I couldn’t share with him. It’s really heartbreaking. 😦

So yes my son, we will die and you will be sad, but we’ll see each other again- 🙂 Love you


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