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I want to share with you a little tidbit that I learn just recently. I was reading my favorite knitting resource blog, when I came upon a post about what to do when you need to start decreasing on an uneven stitch count. I have this problem all the time. I like to keep my intervals at 12 stitches for all of my different size hats, but for the smaller sizes, I would have to change it and have an extra stitch.

For my example, I made a 64 stitch hat, and I want to have 12 stitches per interval. 64 divided by 12 = 5.3. Obviously it doesn’t work out. The nearest number divisible by 12 is 60. So I know I have 4 extra stitches. (64-60)

Now, I could randomly decrease 4 stitches, since 64 divided by 4 is 16. But, unless you have a super bulky yarn, I wouldn’t do it, because decreases cause a disturbance that will be visible in lighter yarns.

I need to set the decreases in the same columns, 12 stitches apart. Now, you know that there will be 5 columns of decreases, with 4 extra stitches. (64/12=5.3333 and 60/12=4)

I need to get rid of the 4 extra stitches, and I will do this by dividing my round like this: 4 columns of 13 stitches apart and then 1 column with 12 stitches apart.

Top bar is my uneven decreases. The green bars are the stitches that are knitted together (k2tog) and as you can see, after my end of round (in yellow) I have four stitches left. I count my first stitch, since in reality I making a circle, but this would work if you are knitting flat as well.

The bottom bar is where the magic happens. I DO NOT k2tog  my first decease, and add one stitch to my next decrease columns. So I have instead (4) 13 stitch intervals and my end of round has 10 stitches, because since it’s a circle, the first k2tog that I left alone is my 5th column. You can add markers after sts 16, 29, 42, and 55.

This is all good, if your k2togs are slanting to the right. But for me, and maybe some others, I slant to the left. Here’s how to fix this problem.

You’ll want to knit sts 14&15, instead of 15&16, 27&28 instead of 28&29, etc. When you come to decrease again on another round, I will decrease by knitting two together the new stitch and the one to the left of it.

I have some pics of the hats I made with this technique. This first one shows that the first decrease I made is slanting to the right, and then I did my next ones slanting left. Doesn’t look so invisible, does it?

This one, is my solution. Plus, you can see , or not, the decease I left out.

I love my end result! It really is so simple, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it first 😉

I hoped this has help you, and if you have any questions, please comment below! PS, those hats will be available soon!!


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